Books About Point Pleasant

Books_1FImages of America: Point Pleasant Volume I by Jerry A. Woolley

Point Pleasant Volume I by Jerry A. Woolley takes an in-depth look at the history of Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach through a collection of rare and fascinating photographs.  The jacket text follows:

“Since the development of photography in the mid-nineteenth century, the camera has been used as a tool of both discovery and preservation.  Photographs bring alive our image of the past, and can open a floodgate of memories and nostalgia or inspire curiosity and a sense of history.

Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach have always been two of New Jersey’s most dynamic coastal communities.  The scenic beauty and simple charm of the area remains undisturbed today, and it is easy to see why it has been a popular tourist destination for more than two centuries.  The last one hundred years have also seen the formation and development of several important industries in the region, including shipbuilding and commercial fishing.  This combination of business and recreation, of modern industry and Old World charm, is why Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach remain two of the most vivacious and magnetic communities on the coast of New Jersey.

Jerry Woolley is a native of Point Pleasant Beach and president of the Point Pleasant Historical Society.  In this fascinating selection of photographs, many of which have never been published, he captures some of the essence and energy of these thriving communities.  The result is an intimate glimpse into their past that will delight resident and tourist alike.”

Images of America: Point Pleasant Volume II by Jerry A. Woolley

Books_2FPoint Pleasant Volume II by Jerry A. Woolley picks up where Point Pleasant Volume I left off.  The jacket text follows:

“In Point Pleasant Volume II, historian Jerry Woolley continues the detailed look at Point Pleasant, Point Pleasant Beach, and Bay Head that he began in his wildly successful Volume I.  While still maintaining a historical perspective, Woolley has also included more recent photographs to give us a more contemporary view of the area.

Bounded by the Manasquan River on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and Barnegat Bay and Beaver Dam Creek to the south, Point Pleasant’s uniquely aquatic environment has long been one of the area’s major attractions.  Woolley provides the reader with an intriguing look at the many waterfront faces of Point Pleasant.

Drawn extensively from Jerry Woolley’s archive of over a thousand historic photographs of the Point Pleasant area, many images in Volume II have never before been published.  These pictures, together with the accompanying text, provide the reader with a fascinating and insightful look into the past that will appeal both the lifelong resident and the first-time visitor.”

Images of America: Point Pleasant Volume III by Jerry A. Woolley

Books_3FPoint Pleasant Volume III is the third and final installment in Arcadia’s Images of America series on the Point Pleasant area.  The jacket text follows:

“Point Pleasant Volume I and Volume II have captivated audiences, and now, in this new addition to the Images of America series, author Jerry Woolley offers us a third volume of images to help us connect with our past.

In Point Pleasant Volume III, we are invited to take a stroll down memory lane and see the area’s residents at work and at play, boating and fishing, and simply relaxing on the beach.  Also featured within these pages are a variety of snapshots of the places and events that have given this community its Old World familiarity.  Its no wonder that Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach have been popular tourist destinations for more than two centuries.

Author Jerry Woolley, a life-long resident of Point Pleasant Beach, has carefully selected over 200 images from his archive of over 1,000 photographs to bring us this unique collection.  Woolley’s commitment to the documentation of local history is outstanding, d his intimate look at these spirited communities will delight readers of all ages.”

Postcard History Series: Point Pleasant by Jerry A. Woolley

BookPoint Pleasant is a fascinating look at the New Jersey shore communities of Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach during the heyday of the picture postcard. Rare and historical postcards illustrate the region’s early grand hotels and majestic summer cottages that helped make Point Pleasant one of New Jersey’s top seaside resorts. Explore neighborhoods and downtown shops, the Manasquan River, and, of course, the beach and boardwalk that made Point Pleasant Beach famous.


The People of Ocean County: A History of Ocean County, New Jersey by David D. Oxenford


The People of Ocean County…A History of Ocean County, New Jersey is a comprehensive and entertaining book on the history of Ocean County and the people who helped shape that history.

A long-time resident and teacher of American History in the Point Pleasant Beach schools, author David Oxenford is able to present a history that is full of information, as well as local folklore and legends.

The 168 page book is chock full of photographs, supplemented with many drawings by local artist Sheila Kierce.  An extensive bibliography and index are also included.

Point Pleasant Beach-Celebrating the Early Years by Kathleen Ferris Heim

Books_6FPoint Pleasant Beach – Celebrating the Early Years was published in conjunction with the Centennial of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach in 1986. Written and compiled by Kathleen Ferris Heim, with the cooperation of the Point Pleasant Beach Centennial Committee, this 52 page book is loaded with photos, advertisements, maps and stories documenting the first 100 years of the history of Point Pleasant Beach.  This book also includes an in-depth history of 33 businesses and organizations, as well as the 1895 State Census for Point Pleasant Beach and the 1986 Voter Registration. This excellent book has been out of print for many years, but copies occasionally appear at used book stores and antique dealers.

A Point To Remember by Harry “Skeeter” Odell

Books_5F_smallA Point To Remember by Harry “Skeeter” Odell is a fascinating and often humorous first-hand look into the history of Point Pleasant Borough. The 143 page spiral-bound book includes listings of all borough mayors, clerks, council members, police chiefs, as well as trivia, historic photographs and humorous stories covering the period from the borough’s incorporation in 1920 to the present. Odell, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 93, was employed by Point Pleasant for many years, first as a police officer and later as borough clerk and tax collector. This book was published in 1997 and although now out of print, some copies may still be obtained from various local businesses.